What is Rooting Android Device? Advantages and DisAdvantages

What is Rooting
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This is Maxx, And today we are going to talk on the Topic of What is Rooting an Android Device?

Well, Wherever hear this word Rooting, few Questions starts making in Our Mind. these Questions are like, What is Rooting? Why should I root my Android Device and Why Don’t. and So many. So today I come with General terms like what is Rooting and its advantages, Disadvantages and why you should root your android device.

Caution : Rooting or Modifying your device in any way will void your manufacturer’s warranty & Possibly it can brick your Device. the word brick means it will screw your device’s software so badly that your device can no longer function properly and pretty much as useless. I do not recommend anyone to root their device. this post is only for educational purpose which has all pro’s and con’s so that you can make an educated decision on your own. 


What is Rooting?

Rooting an Android device is as much as common as “JailBreaking” in iPhone Devices. Rooting means providing your Android’s Software to “SuperUser” rights and Permission. After Rooting you’ll be able to load custom Softwares, ROM’s, Themes, Increase Battery life, Increase Performance, and ability to install custom software like “Wi-Fi theatering” and so on. Essentially Rooting an Android Device is like hacking with your android Software.


Why the term calls Rooting?

The Word comes from LINUX where it uses to describe the user who has full rights and permission in the OS. The root user can change or modify any of the software code in the device, they can work as a SuperUser. When we bought a device it only provides us Guest Privilege, they do this because they don’t want that you’ll screw any of your phone’s part so it can not be repaired and also by this they can provide you OTA and Other Updates Easily. But because of this guest privilege, there are so many features you can’t try.


Advantages of Rooting Android Device

Well, There are so many Advantages of Rooting Android Device but here I have included some of best one.

Installing Custom ROM’s

There are so many peoples who root their android just because installing custom ROM. A ROM is a Software that runs your device. There are so many custom ROM’s available which will change the whole look of your android device. A custom Rom mainly uses for those phones which did not get Updates. Suppose if your Android Has 4.2 Android version and If you want to install 7.0 than custom ROM will be surely there to help you.

Installing Custom Themes

A theme is a graphic which appears on our Android Screen. After Rooting you can fully customize your device’s graphic. You can install custom themes on your android which will change your Device’s look totally. it will change the feel to use it.


Rooting a Device will give you the ability to update the Baseband on Android. Baseband use to control Radio on Device. by Updating Baseband you’ll increase the Quality of calls and Signals.

Kernel, Speed & Battery

There are so many custom ROMs available which will help you to make changes and Improvements on the performance and Battery of the device. Some developers tweak the KERNEL for performance, Battery life and So On.

Latest Versions of Android

As Mentioned Above by Installing custom ROM you can get any of the Android Version and Use it, By this, you’ll always be updated with the latest versions of Android.

Backing Up Your Device

On Guest Privilege you’ll not have the ability to backup your device’s data and ROM’s Image Backup. but if your android is Rooted than it is actually a very easy task to backup all the data of your Android. there is an App name Titanium Backup which is one of the best App for User who has rooted their Device.

Unlocking Additional Features

After Rooting Android Device their you’ll get the ability to Unlock so many features. One of its example is enabling Wi-Fi and USB tethering. Your carrier may charge for it and you can do it for free after Rooting. Their are so many of features that you can unlock after Rooting your device.


Disadvantages of Rooting

Well, There are not so many of Disadvantage of Rooting an Android Device but their are some. Here I have Included some of the Disadvantage of rooting an Android Device.


Well, as I mentioned above about bricking that it will damage your phone at the position where your phones software will harm so badly as it could not be repair as before or


Another Loss of Rooting an android Device is its security. After Rooting a device the chances of installing malicious software increases. There are some of the security restrictions with the stock Android but after Rooting it’ll get full access to the device so there are chances to harm your security with rooting your device.


Can You Unroot Your Android Device ?

Possibly Yes, But You have to do some research for your Particular Device.


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