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Top Web Design Skills You Need to Learn in 2017

Written by MaxX

The web design world is always changing. Hence, it is crucial to keep up with the latest design trends and technologies. This will let you produce the best of websites that as per the present age trend. There are certain sites that don’t work well with the latest browsers. Knowing how to add compatibility will really help.

Many of the latest changes that took place in the industry are exciting. These are helpful in allowing developers produce effects that will simply amaze your clients and website visitors.

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Listed below are top 10 latest web design skills you need to learn this year:

Facebook Instant Articles

This feature will make your content live on the platform of Facebook rather than your own. Although controversial, the feature comes with an amazing benefit. Readers will get access to your articles at the speed of light. Also, your content will fit into the Facebook app seamlessly and ensure an amazing user experience. Earlier, it was available only for very large publishers. But now, everyone can get access to it.

Get Expertise in Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer made its way into the industry the moment Adobe seemed to have the vector design market close down. The advent managed to win new admirers among many graphic and web designers. Have you tried it? If no, then it is definitely the right time to do so. Affinity Designer is now available with a host of new exciting features such as constraints, art boards, symbols, and some of the potent new typography tools.

Style Guides for Accessibility

When it comes to keeping up to date with present age skills, you need to do more than just learn new technologies. You also need to learn and use some of the essential concepts such as accessibility. When you make your websites accessible to as many people as possible, you are actually doing the right thing and making some business sense too. Since you work really hard to attract visitors, turning some of them away simply because you’ve failed to make some simple changes that would allow them to easily view your website is not justified! Learning to create style guides for accessibility will help. This will also introduce you to some of the essential accessibility concepts and techniques along the way.

Onboarding Tour with JavaScript

Have you ever come across some of those interactive tours that pop up when you visit a new app or a website? A website design company prefers adding these to their client site to add the much-needed perk. These tours show visitors how things work using simple boxes that you can click through at your own convenience and pace. Learning to build your own tour from scratch via using CSS, HTML, and vanilla JavaScript will help you to integrate one within your own app or site!

Designing Logo in Adobe Illustrator

Logo design is one of those things that may well be handled by a specialist graphic designer, but it’s always a useful skill for a web designer to possess. You’ll also get a useful rundown of the major tools, panels and features in Adobe Illustrator, which will be useful for other design tasks beyond logos.

Control Colors in JavaScript

Although it is important to learn new skills, it’s even better to build something very useful. With this, you can do both! The clean little tool allows you to choose a starting color and get a classy color scheme produced especially for you. You can learn how to create that yourself with the help of Chroma.js library.

CSS Flexbox Model

A fairly new layout mode in CSS3, Flexbox promises some amazing flexibility in your page layouts. The popular course will allow you to learn Flexbox carefully. Presently, the model has been updated with extra projects on models and sliders. This will help you catch up with the speed.

Collaborate with Others

No matter how well you know the ins and outs of CSS, the reality of working as a web designer is that you’ll have to deal with other human beings at some point, and that’s when things can get so complicated that you end up yearning for the comfort of your code editor. This tutorial looks at some useful ways to get the content of a website prioritized among multiple members of a team with the least fuss.

CSS Grid to Build Forms

Forms are important. However, what matters the most is the way you create them. The CSS Grid Layout Module is the best option, her. It shows you the exact and apt way to create a form the “traditional” way via using floats. You will also get to know the way to achieve the same result using a CSS Grid.

Back to Basics

Although there are many new exciting things to learn, it is important to go back to basics and brush up your essential skills. Getting a solid grasp of the essentials will let you extract the best in the industry. For professionals, it helps them keep up with the basics and use them as needed. On the other hand, novices can learn these to avoid some of the most common and costly errors.

To sum up, the above listed simple design pointers will help you be an amazing web developer and work for a reputed website design company. You may even be a freelance developer and work on your own terms.

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