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Must Check: How to Choose Best Wi-Fi Routers?

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How to Choose Best Wi-Fi Routers

When it comes to buying the best router, we usually think about a WiFi router and the choice is much more complicated than you can imagine. The router market in the past was limited and there were few good ones that you could choose from, making the buying decision much easier. Today, every household has an army of smartphones and other smart household devices that need Wifi. As a result, the demand for routers has gone up at an alarming speed.

The manufacturers have taken the best advantage of this surge in demand to come with a variety of models to fit every need and budget. Today you can buy routers that cost just a few hundred dollars to those that cost over a thousand dollars and even more.

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With a plethora of features and specifications, buying a router is no less complicated than buying a smartphone or a laptop. You need to weigh the various pros and cons of each model and consider which ones fall within your budget before swiping your credit card for the perfect one. In this article, we have listed for you some of the best wifi routers available in the market.

The 3 Best Wi-Fi Routers

TP-Link Archer C7

You can get this wifi router for just $100 and this is one of the fastest and no-frills routers by TP. Some people even believe that it is better than many expensive routers available out there. It boasts an amazing range and the router offers a wonderful price to performance ratio.  Although it has some decent features, it lacks a VPN server, USB 3.0 and remote access.

Netgear R6400

If you are looking for a router that can also be used as a virtual private network then this is a good choice. It is a fast router and it comes with some really amazing features such as iTunes streaming, ReadyShare backups, OpenVPN server, parental controls, USB 3.0 and remote access. It comes with an access point that allows you to extend your existing wifi network. It, however, lacks a Wi-Fi extender and the set-up is not user-friendly.

Apple AirPort Extreme

If you are an Apple fan then you will swear by the capability of this pretty looking router. Apple has proved once again that it creates products that are designed to lead. The innovative design and cool features of this product keep it way ahead of the competition. We love the no-frill look and the fact that it comes without any antennas. If your family loves iPhone and all products that belong to the Apple family then you will definitely appreciate this one.

This Apple router makes set up and management of the router easy.  It easily ranks as one of the best routers available in the market. Some of the features include time-machine backups, easy integration, remote USB drive and so on.

While it offers you a good value for money, it lacks some features such as parental controls and remote router management. It comes with only 3 Ethernet LAN ports.

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We hope the above information helps you choose the best router for Wifi connectivity at home or office.

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