Top 10 Possible Ways to Access Blocked Website

How to Access Blocked Website
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How to Access Blocked Website: Top 10 Best Ways

It’s Always Annoying to make ban and Restrictions on any Website, and Nowadays Government censoring content more than ever. Here is a list of Top 10 Best ways to Surf on a Blocked Website. These methods are easy to use and very effective too. These methods include using of VPN, Proxy Website, DNS Hack, Extensions and so on. So below are the Top 10 Best and Easy Ways of How to Access Blocked Website. 🙂 

How to Access Blocked Website

How to Access Blocked Website

The government usually bans website because of Censorship and so many reasons because in this era of Internet, Harassing a person is much easier than before. Accessing a blocked website may be illegal and depends on your own purpose this guide is only for Educational Purpose so do it at your own risk.


How to Access Blocked Website- 10 Useful Methods

1. Become Anonymous: Use Proxy Websites

Generally, in a professional environment, the employers draw some boundaries by restricting you from some particular websites. But sometimes you need to visit the blocked website, At that time Proxy Websites can play a major role.

Over the web, There are thousands of free proxy websites available, that can make your web experience unrestricted. The proxy websites work as a moderator between the user and the server.

Below are some sites which may help you. For more sites, you can go to google and search for Proxy Websites 😉



2. Using VPN

VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network or Virtual Proxy Network. It allows you to connect your device or changing your IP to a secure connection on another network over the internet. VPN allows you to access the website from your Home network and change your location from a far away. Even you can download apps and visit websites which are blocked in your countries.

VPN’s acts like a tunnel which converts data into garbage which is difficult to sniff and recognize. There are a lot of free and cheap VPN services available which you can use and Access Blocked Website without any issue.

If you are going to enhance the security of your computer or want to make your computer anonymous then you can make a deadly combination of VPN and TOR.


3. Use IP Rather than URL

Sometimes the blocked websites stores in data but IP’s doesn’t so this trick may work in some situations. Using IP is a simple way to access the site but if the IP has also blocked then this method won’t work.

For Getting the IP of any website you just only have to follow some steps. One Command Prompt and type “Ping” and Enter. This will pop up the IP of the website. Just copy and Enter the IP to your web Browser.


4. Change Network Proxies in Browser

Your Institutes might be having more than one proxy on its network. So, sometimes websites restricted on one proxy but not in another. But you can try this once. It’s not a hard task to block network proxy in a browser.

You just need to find the network option in the setting of your web browser. There you can select no proxy or you can select the another one.


5. Use Google Translate

Institutions and sometimes even countries don’t ban Google Translate so you can Access over the restriction by Translating blocked website into another language that you might know. You can Try GOOGLE TRANSLATE for your own.


6. Bypass Using Extensions

If the website blocked in your institute or office is dynamic in nature like facebook or Youtube then you can try a look at these extensions. Hola and ProxMate are some extensions that you can use to access blocked sites.


7. URL Recasting

Sometimes when a particular website is hosted in a VPN and has doesn’t installed a verified SSL. For these websites, you can just simply go to the address bar and try typing instead of This change might show a security notice, Click on Proceed anyway option and Visit the Website.


8. Wayback Machine – Internet’s Archive

Wayback machine is an interesting service that stores almost all website’s copy online. It saves a copy of all versions of the website and you can use an old version there. You can use this also for using blocked content.


9. Using RSS Feed

RSS Readers are helpful for getting the newly arrived content and reading them with ease. You can grab RSS feed of Blocked Content and add that to your RSS Reader. Just in case that website doesn’t have RSS feed then there are some useful online services to create the feed.


10. Replace Your DNS Server

You can simply Use this method for Bypassing the Blocked access. This method generally involves GoogleDNS or OpenDNS for accessing the Blocked content.


These are some of the best-affecting methods when it comes to Accessing Blocked Website. You can try them and Share your Experience in Comment Section.

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