The 5 Most Common Android Problems and Their Solutions

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Today I will discuss the most facing problems by Android users. Although Android is a great platform for mobile and tablets, you may experience problems at some point of time. The best thing about the android is that maximum problems have solutions.

So, let’s get started. In this article, I have picked the 5 most common Android problem along with their simplest solution.


Battery drain is one of the most common problems faced by everyone in an Android Smartphone. While there are many reasons behind it. Some of them are

  • Using a battery saver app
  • Too much app installed
  • Using Android while charging

These are some main reasons behind the battery drain.

To resolve the problem firstly uninstalled the battery saver you installed from play store like DU Battery Saver or uninstalled the apps from your android that are not in use. If possible charge your Android Smartphone on Airplane MODE, this will help you to charge your phone quickly and remove your brightness setting From Auto, Change it to manual.


One of the major issue having an Android is Slow speed, the reason behind the slow speed of your android is the installation of too many unused Android apps. Also trying to open Too many apps simultaneously resulting slow speed.

To resolve this problem Firstly uninstalled the unused app, Delete the big files from internal storage as well as SD card. Uninstall the 3rd party cleaner app you installed like the clean master. These apps only Delete Cache file on your android and this thing you can do it manually by going into setting>storage>cachedata>clean. Do this thing to get a smoother Android experience. Even you can get Free Spaces by Simply following this guide on How to Get Free Space on Android Phone.



Google Play store is the main source for downloading the app from play store, And if it shows error you have no idea what to do. You may think of downloading apps from other sources but it could be harmful to your device because the apps can contain the harmful viruses. So, this was a bad idea. Follow theses method to overcome Google play error

  • Remove your account and add it once again
  • Clear the cache data of the Google Play service that you can get in settings>apps>Google play service
  • Clear the cache data of Google play store
  • If problem still there uninstalled the update of Google play store and wait for the automatic updating of newer one

If the problem continues to reset, your device that was the last option you can do. This will probably solve your problem.


The main reason behind this that your android phone is not supporting that game. Also, ensure that you want to download is supported with your Android OS version. Another reason was the RAM was low or insufficient storage space in your Device. If you are a game lover then download the PSP-emulator and install their games this will take low storage in your android.


When you plug your charger to your Smartphone, the screen will off. To overcome this, you need to go to Settings / Applications / Development and tick the ‘Stay awake’ option to keep the screen on when charging. This will solve your problem.

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